William Tell 2023


Why host another William Tell after all this time?

The competition serves as a valuable opportunity to refine Air Force tactics, techniques, and procedures, promoting collaboration among different units and personnel within the Air Force. Bringing back this historic competition will strengthen America’s drive to be the best by testing the precision, skill and teamwork of our most elite Airmen through a week of intense competition.

How does William Tell differ from other air combat exercises like Red Flag and Checkered Flag?

Unlike other U.S. Air Force Flag exercises, The critical camaraderie, and dynamic scenarios of William Tell are historically proven to have a direct positive impact on combat readiness and Air Superiority unmatched by anything else in our Air Force.

What specific tasks do they have to complete, and against what targets?

Air-to-air primary mission sets will focus on offensive counter air, defensive counter air and within-visual-range maneuvering. There will be a heritage event with live air-to-air gun employment against a towed banner. Additionally, there will also be profiles focusing on weapons loading, command and control, and intelligence competitions.

Are the tasks being updated at all to reflect current threats?

Yes, the event will be INDOPACOM-focused using 4th and 5th-generation aircraft as adversary air.

How do units qualify for/enter the competition?

Each competition team will be composed of a team captain, 4-8 aircrew depending on aircraft type, two intelligence members and three weapons loaders. Command and Control wings will also send three members per wing to be integrated into the competition. Wings will choose their competitors at the discretion of their command. Total Force wings will provide only one wing team that can be composed of active-duty, Air National Guard and Reserve members.

What does the winner receive?

Individual and team winners will receive historical awards honoring the heritage of William Tell. The overall winner will be awarded to the best Fighter Integration Team, testing which aviators are most effectively able to integrate with other Mission Design Series to showcase that our fighters are their most lethal when used as a cohesive fighting force.

Will William Tell be open to the public like an air show or open house?

No. Similar to other Air Force exercises, William Tell will be limited to competition participants and key personnel. Locals may be able to catch a glimpse of our elite teams as they fly but, in an effort to mitigate road hazards and maintain the safety of those members entering and exiting the Air Dominance Center, residents are encouraged to not congest nearby roadways.