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Become a William Tell 2023 Sponsor

Becoming a William Tell 2023 is an opportunity to support a team of elite pilots, maintainers, munitions experts and support personnel who are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in the field of air combat.

Beginning with the jets’ arrival on Saturday, 9 September, the 1st Fighter Association is helping support a series of morale events featuring speakers, entertainment, food & drink, a golf tournament and a tremendous awards program. Everything will be centered around a flightline digital scoreboard throughout the week.

Given fiscal constraints of current operational budgets, 100% of morale support funding must come from direct contributions. The 1st Fighter Association, a 501(c)19 non-profit organization, has agreed to facilitate the financial management of sponsors, vendors and financial reporting (including tax deductible receipts).

As a sponsor, you will have the chance to collaborate with a group of talented and passionate individuals who are committed to pushing the limits of what is possible in the sky. In return, you will gain exposure to a passionate and engaged audience of aviation enthusiasts, as well as the satisfaction of knowing that you are supporting a group of exceptional professionals who are leading the world in air dominance.

We know time is short. In normal times we would have had at least a year to lead turn funding. So be it. We are committed to reach out to industry partners, national & local companies as well as proud American patriots who want to celebrate American Air Dominance.

To be clear, while we are coordinating William Tell 2023 support with the 1st Fighter Wing & Air Dominance Center, morale events and sponsorships are NOT AFFILIATED WITH THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT OR US AIR FORCE WHATSOEVER. NO FEDERAL ENDORSEMENT INTENDED OR IMPLIED.

Thanks in advance for your support! To learn more, download the sponsorship benefits and submit your contact information to get your questions answered.

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